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Unveiling Your Multiplayer Mode: A Guide to Thrive in the Gaming Industry

Getting into the gaming industry can feel lonely! Super lonely!

Like you're the only player in a video game without a single power-up in sight?

You’re not alone. Thousands of people share the same ambition and guess what, every single person in this industry started out just like you. We've all dreamed the same dreams.

No one got an instruction manual or tutorial mode. Our careers are almost always in Hardcore mode.

When legendary game developers like John Romero and John Carmack were breaking in, there wasn't even the Internet to aid them. In fact, you're luckier! The Internet is your ally and so is social media.

Your gaming career does not need to be a lonely quest. There are abundant resources and communities that can help you gear up, level up and make all this a bit more like a multiplayer game.

Below are a couple of stress-free places to check out:

Reddit: Like Mario searching for power-ups, begin your search in r/gamedesign/ and r/gamejams/. Get a hint of the buzz in the gaming communities but remember, it’s advisable to not get swayed by the vocal minority and miss the wisdom of the quiet majority.

Indie Game Devs on Facebook: Here is where Indie Game developers share their WIP projects, exchange information and answer queries. Grab an opportunity to find a new partner or gain immense inspiration from passionate devs. -

Women in Games: The gaming world needs diversity and inclusion. A shout out to all the talented women out there who love playing games, it's high time there's more women designing them as well. We just need more female voices and Women in Games is helping that effort. -

Black Girl Gamers: A safe space for Black Girl Gamers. To be honest, I have not joined this group nor have visibility (as I don't fit the demographic). -

If you're already part of the gaming world wondering about where to network, Games Industry Gathering could be your next stop. I have applied for membership, so fingers crossed!

This list is far from exhaustive. If you come across or know other communities, feel free to share. Let’s help each other kick open that door and usher in a new era in the gaming industry.

Remember, just like any co-op mission, every quest in the gaming industry is a tad bit easier and certainly a whole lotta fun when you have teammates to back you up.

Know anyone pondering upon a quest into the gaming industry? Repost this and might just be the power-up they need. Cheers!


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