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Case Studies

Chris' Approach

Chris is certified in the Co-Active Coaching Framework which he leverages to bring out the best in his clients. Such clients include C-level gaming executives, AAA game studios, and FANGG engineers.


Case Studies have been anonymized.

Freddy - Coaching In Progress

In the past, Chris was a great mentor of mine at Riot. As a coach, Chris is able to guide me to identify my unique strengths, which puts me on a path to developing my leadership style. In my coaching engagement with Chris, I’ve gained better clarity on how to focus my energy and align my professional growth with my personal aspiration.

He was able to help me identify and address the underlying issues that were slowing me down. I'm now more confident and motivated to reach my goals. Chris's support and guidance have been very valuable to me. If you find yourself at a career crossroads, Chris will be able to provide the framework and space for self-discovery


Josh - Found new job with 50% raise.

We all have so many choices, options and things coming at us, which can leave us unsure, feeling overwhelmed or force us off our bearings. I was at a cross roads in my life when I started working with Chris.

Chris's experience and perspective allowed him at times, and depending on the need at hand, to be Coach, a mentor, a collaborator or just a friend. His patience, understanding, empathy and guidance helped me to make positive changes and move off autopilot in many areas in my life.


Tiffany - Left job and moved from Taiwan to NYC

During my work with Chris, I was able to make significant changes in my life that brought me closer to my passions and helped me find greater balance.


Chris was a great support and an excellent coach who knew when to challenge me and when to offer encouragement. I highly recommend Chris to anyone looking to realign their goals or to fully embrace their strengths in their career.

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