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Unlock Success in Gaming: Power Up Your Networking Skills

To get into the gaming industry, networking isn't optional. It's a necessity.

Building bridges outside your workplace broadens your perspective and bolsters your defenses against the stark reality of layoffs. It's like wielding a power-up that expands your access to a whole guild of industry warriors, ready to unveil fresh opportunities that could catapult your career.

Embrace the grind by ambitiously reaching out to industry players across different companies. Aim high. Shoot for 5 new contacts each day.

Stuck for people to reach out to? Here are a couple of places to start.

Joseph Hobbs maintains a database of mentors helping people get into gaming here -

Amir Satvat's "Reach Out Anytime" and "Jobseekers" databases:

Sharing this article might just be the lifeline your comrades need to unlock the immense power of networking in the video game battlefield!

And if you're ready to set your first foot on the networking grid, don't hesitate to send me a connection request!


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