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More Than Pixels: Leveraging Your Passion for Impact in the Gaming Industry

Stop saying "I want to join the gaming industry because I love video games."

Just loving video games is not a ticket into this amazing industry. I don't know if it ever was. When you are asked, "Why do you want to get into gaming?" you have the opportunity to say so many more interesting things, like:

Your love of the craft. Dive deeper. Speak about your passion for immersive storytelling, engaging game mechanics, or innovative technology.

Your passion for the industry. Be au courant. Being excited about developments like VR, cloud gaming, or the rise of indie games makes you stand out as a candidate.

Your desire to impact. Video games have become a powerful medium influencing culture, learning, and social connections. Talk about how games have changed your life, and how you want to use them as a force for good.

Gaming professionals are more than just gaming enthusiasts. We are creators, craftspeople, innovators and risk takers that are trying to do a little bit more than just entertain people.

Though by golly we do love entertaining people!

Every time someone asks 'Why do you want to join the gaming industry?', tell them this, "I am fascinated by the blend of technology and creativity and the ability to impact people through gaming."

Share this, if you know someone who needs wants to own their gaming origin story.


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