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Unlock Your Game: The Uncharted Map to 13,000 Gaming Industry Opportunities

If you are trying to get into the gaming industry, look WAY FARTHER than just LinkedIn.

Enter, Amir Satvat’s job database.

- 13,000 jobs

- 700 companies

- The link is here -

13,000 jobs can almost feel like too much of a good thing. Heck, it might even be overwhelming. The good news is, you've got more options.

To boost your search efficiency, consider trying-focused portals like:

Remote Game Jobs: Who doesn't want to work from home? -

Work with Indies: Brought to life by Shelby Dove, Katherine Boutin and Nathan Bosia, smaller studios are doing exciting gaming work! -

Beyond these, there are other resources to broaden your job search:

Game Dev Map: Locate gaming companies near you. (59 in Singapore alone!) -

VG Insights Developer Database: Filter game companies based on revenue, titles released, and other business metrics. -

The Games Industry Gathering: Join their Discord server with 6,000 gaming professionals all supporting each other. -

To maximize your chances to get into gaming, you need to widen your search BEYOND LinkedIn. (Blasphemy, I know).

Find these useful? Don't forget to repost and share these resources amongst friends eyeing opportunities in the gaming industry.

Happy job hunting!


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