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How You Can Transform Your Career with Self-Taught Skills

I transformed my life and changed my future with a self-taught education.

When I couldn't find anyone to teach me, I taught myself. In 2008 after a chance encounter in an elevator, I had the opportunity to become the head of a digital advertising company.

The problem was that I didn't know anything about digital advertising, nor was there anywhere to learn.

So I taught myself to:

  • Create blogs

  • Build websites on wordpress and joomla

  • Sold things via ecommerce

  • Learned whitehat and blackhat SEO

  • Arbitraged SEM traffic

  • Tried and failed at affiliate marketing

I did all this while working a full time job and getting to Gold II in League of Legends. (not to brag 😎) It’s incredible how so many of the obstacles that blocked education have been removed.

Self Teaching Guide

This Information Age has leveled the playing field and opened up a world of opportunity. With Permissionless Education, anyone can become educated, regardless of their race, gender, country, or socio-economic status. If you have internet access, you have the same access to education as some of the richest people in the world.


Self Teaching Best Practices:

  • Take advantage of the resources available to you.

  • Take notes on podcasts, videos, or blogs.'

  • Take initiative and teach yourself.

  • Find courses online, reach out to instrcutors and connect with other students.

  • Take risks and try new things.

It’s never been easier to pick up a new skill or hobby or easier to put it away if it’s not working for you.

Things to Avoid:

  • Let obstacles stop you from becoming educated (hint hint, that includes yourself) -

  • Underestimate the power of the internet, it’s only getting bigger and better by the day!

  • Give up on yourself.

I've parlayed a self-taught digital marketing skillset into building some of the most exciting esports events in the world. Invest in yourself. Nothing's stopping you except your own imagination.

Want to level up your career through self teaching and want to learn more? Get in touch below!


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